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If you’re looking for a competitive athletics organization that encourages
 sportsmanship, Christian values, and team work, Ohio Eagles is the place for you
We have Basketball and Volleyball programs for Homeschooled students of any age. 

  • Starters work on beginning skills and meet once a week during the season.

  • Preteen Boys and Girls (Basketball only) continue to work on skills while also having several games throughout the season to use their skills in game situations.

  •  Junior High Boys and Girls have an increased number of regular season games and compete in conference tournaments.

  •  Our Varsity Boys and Girls have a full schedule of games and compete in several tournaments throughout the season. 

The Eagle's home gym is at the Allen East Community Center in Harrod, OH. Our players come from many of the surrounding counties and we play teams from all around Northwestern Ohio and Eastern Indiana. 

Come check us out, we would love for you to join us! 

Age/Grade Requirements 
5 - 10 years old                K  - 4th grade 

Preteen Boys and Girls 
Age 10 - 12 years old     5th and 6th grades 

Jr High Boys and Girls 
Age 12- 15 years old       7th - 9th grades 

Varsity Boys and Girls 
Age 15 and up                9th - 12th grades 
Program Directors:

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Athletic Director:
Facility Managers: 
  • ​ Nicci  Colby  


Age/Grade Requirements 

Age 9 - 12 years old       4th - 6th grades

Junior High Girls 
Age 12- 15 years old       7th - 9th grades 

Varsity Girls 
Age 15 and up                9th - 12th grades 
Varsity Girls Basketball Tournament
FEBRUARY 4, 5 & 6

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COVID19 News
...to all who were signed up for Fair Clean up

There will be NO Fair Cleanup this year.
We are working on our COVID19 policy we will be following this year as an organization and will send it out as soon as it is ready. 

Each team we play will have their own policy that we will be required to follow and it will be sent out by the coach a week ahead of time or sooner, once available. (This could be as extreme as no spectators, or masks required, to simply following social distancing guidelines)

No matter where you fall on the spectrum of thoughts regarding the pandemic, PLEASE remember we are doing all this so your children are able to play this year, PLEASE be respectful to those who believe differently than you.

Things are very subject to change...and basketball could look very different than volleyball (assuming and praying we get to play both). Continue to be patient...we know who is ultimately in control of all of this.
Check back here for updates.
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 for Fair Cleanup

updated 8/6/20
The EAGLE's new Home:
701 N. Main St Alger, OH 45812
**We could use your help - Contact Lori or Crystal for details